Blowfish for Breakfast 
a new sea shanty from the Shark Alley Hobos!

Inspired by the accidental ingestion of blowfish while on vacation in Japan...

Click on the blowfish to listen...

Shark Alley Hobos interview on Under the Crossbones podcast hosted by Phil Johnson!

When Doves Cry:
Sea Shanty Style

The Shark Alley Hobos pay tribute
to the Purple One with this sea shanty infused version of When Doves Cry!


Click on the tub to listen...

Sally Brown

a traditional sea shanty

Performed by the

Shark Alley Hobos!

Click on Sally's mirror to take a listen...

Men of the Cloth

the new single
by the Shark Alley Hobos
is here!

Click on the Hobo priest...

Listen to Men of the Cloth Here!